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What is an Empathy Map?

Empathetic thinking might not be something you’d jump to address when outlining a basic plan of action for a client.  However, it is slowly creeping into business concept planning and product strategy in the form of an empathy map.

To put it simply, an empathy map is a tool that, if used correctly, allows you to understand your target audience.  Through filling in an empathy map you can understand and cater to the clients wants, needs, goals and feelings.

Through collaboration in-house with the use of many sticky notes, you need to address the questions below and fill out the map accordingly:

What is the customer thinking and feeling?

  • What is the customer concerned about?
  • Is the customer satisfied?
  • What are the customer’s priorities?
  • What causes an emotional reaction for the customer?

What is the customer seeing?

  • What does your customer’s environment look like?
  • How does the customer interact with their environment?

What is the customer hearing?

  • What or who influences the customer? And are they easy to influence?
  • Where does the customer get their information and ideas from?

What is the customer saying and doing?

  • How does the customer portray themselves in front of others?
  • What information does the customer withhold or leave out when sharing with others?
  • What is the gap between what they say and how they act?

What are the customer’s pains?

  • What obstacles does the customer need to overcome?
  • What frustrations are on the horizon for the customer?
  • Why hasn’t the customer been able to reach their goals?

What does the customer gain?

  • What methods does the customer use to achieve success?
  • What are the short and long-term goals of the customer?

It has been proven that business’ who use empathy maps to understand their clients rather than just jumping into a project, have a better and more successful long-term outcome.

Take a look at the advantages vs the risks of not using an empathy map:

Although an empathy map can’t guarantee you great success it’s a great material to use to get to know your client and the target audience before starting a project completely blind.



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