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Engage Player is a Video Engagement tool designed to increase engagement, conversions and Optins. This powerful software is loaded with features. All you need to do is select what template or video you want to use, add the features you want to engage your viewers with and hit ‘save.

Engage Player works great for blogs, web pages, membership sites and squeeze pages and offers a Basic, Premium and Enterprise Plan .See below and watch the demo video on this page to see it in action.

With Engage Builder you are able to:

  • Use video’s from YouTube or your own Amazon S3 hosted videos.
  • Create an unlimited number of engagement players
  • Display content on the page at user specified time of video. Basically, build a dynamic page based on a timestamp of the video.
  • Extremely robust drag and drop engagement builder. Easy enough for beginners with the added tools for the more advanced users.
  • Amazing amount of customization and styling options with easy to use color pickers and sliders. Style each element independently or create styles and apply them to all elements of the same type.
  • Add Intro and Outro videos to an existing video. Add content engagements to any intro and outro video.
  • Remember where the user left off in the video and gives the user the option to resume or start the video over.
  • Video pauses when viewer opens a new tab or scrolls the video offscreen.
  • Place images, text, buttons and optin forms over your videos using the bottom fourth.
  • Choose from over 12 different content animations which can be used for each “Engagement Point”.

You can now with Engage Builder PRO connect Amazon S3 with your account. All of your videos will now be hosted on one of the best servers on the web. For a low cost you can use Amazon S3. Your videos will never go down, they will run super fast and you’ll be able to upload everything through your single Engage Builder Account.


This software takes on the effectiveness of professional conversion techniques and call-to-actions, but for just a fraction of the price and lets you customize and generate a winning video, ready to engage and convert FOR YOU so you don’t lose your viewer traffic due to boring, repetitive or unengaging content.

Engage Builder

Not only can you create optin forms, CTA’s and text messages on the video itself (which we have all seen in the past) but also create dynamic page content OUTSIDE the video. That’s right. An On-Page engagement element. Here’s why it’s so good.


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