Engage Rocket


Engage Rocket is a very powerful WP plugin that leverages the power of FB open graph. Tons of major companies like Nike and Spotify use Open Graph to create viral traffic.EngageRocket is the FIRST WordPress plugin that allows you to leveraging the Facebook Open Graph.  We’ve taken the FB marketing strategies large brands are using like MapMyRun and Spotify (ie: Ryan just ran 3.42 miles using MapMyRun or Sarah is listening to Phil Collins on Spotify) and brought it to all Marketers. Leveraging the open graph involves a lot of programming and technical skills. Which is why we had pre-configured + pre-approved actions already created that are approved by Facebook:Lock any page on your site and require the user to “Connect” to their Facebook account to unlock any content you want to provide them.  This does two things:Adds them to your Email List and Auto-Responder Posts that Action on their Wall, Timeline, Newsfeed.


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