Engage Shops – How To Monetize Any Instagram Account In Just 3 Simple Steps

1Engage Shops is a brand new software that makes it easy to directly monetize your Instagram feed. It does this by taking every post in your feed and turning it into a shoppable post within an “Engage Shop”.

You can overlay your posts with buy buttons to products either within you own Shopify store, or to affiliate products on Amazon. Replace your website bio with the link to your “Engage Shop” on Instagram and your followers can then shop their way through your feed.

No more swapping bio links, no more posting un-clickable links in posts, you can monetize everything on your feed without sending your followers down a path miles away from where they started.

If you are currently advertising on other social networks, chasing the same billions of people as major corporations with multi million dollar ad budgets, quite frankly you don’t have a chance. It’s YOUR time to capture YOUR fair share using a social network that works for YOU.

https://i0.wp.com/farm5.staticflickr.com/4577/38754633272_4883178bfa.jpg?resize=816%2C664&ssl=1Gather Feedback, Test and Modify Offers Then Plan Bigger and Better Campaigns With Our Tracking And Analytics Tool. Ensure Your Offers Are Performing at their Best With In-Depth Analytics.

Find and understand key customer metrics with EngageShops analytics, Customize your content and offers based on the traffic hitting your store and Improve your stores performance day to day for even more sales and income


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