Europeans Are the Most Interested in the Bitcoin Halving, According to Google Data

  • The Netherlands leads the world when it comes to search interest for the term ‘Bitcoin halving’

The Bitcoin block halving is happening in just one week, and Google data shows that searches for the term ‘Bitcoin halving’ are surging in general. This data can also be broken down by country, and it reveals where people are most interested in the Bitcoin halving.

Specifically, Google gives countries rankings from 1 to 100 for interest in a certain search term such as Bitcoin halving, with a rank of 100 meaning that country has the most searches for Bitcoin halving relative to total searches.

Netherlands leads the world with a ranking of 100, followed by Cyprus, Slovenia, Switzerland, Austria, and Latvia, all of which are European nations. Notably, the United States is well behind most European nations with a ranking of just 39.

Thus, this data from Google suggests that the Bitcoin halving is garnering the most interest in Europe. is committed to unbiased news and upholding journalistic codes of ethics. For more information please read our Editorial Policy here.

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Source: Europeans Are the Most Interested in the Bitcoin Halving, According to Google Data –

The Bitcoin ( BTC ) block subsidy halving is all anyone can talk about this week — but according to Google, it’s Europe that is most obsessed. Data from Google Trends shows that when it comes to searching “bitcoin halving,” western and central Europe is leading the way. As Cointelegraph reported , search interest can often translate into adoption through channels such as major exchanges. Purchasing volumes have increased conspicuously since mid-March. As of press time on May 5, these five countries generated the most requests regarding the largest cryptocurrency’s most important coming of age.

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