Everything You Need to Know About the New Gmail by Melanie Pinola

Everything You Need to Know About the New Gmail  by Melanie Pinola | Online Marketing Tools |

Google has tweaked Gmail over the years here and there, but this is the biggest revamp for the email service for as long as we can remember. It’s not just redesign or a small tweak like adding an unsubscribe link to newsletters: Gmail’s host of new features might actually make email more manageable for you.

Among the additions: a new side panel so you can see your emails and events, notes, and tasks in one place; the option to snooze emails until later and quickly archive them with one click; and, my favorite, a way to send self-destructing emails. (I feel like a spy.) If you use and love Inbox by Gmail on your phone, you’ll find the web-based version now closer to that more efficient experience. Here’s how to get the new Gmail and its best new features. Read more….

Melanie Pinola

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