exPersona – How To Make Your Content As A Powerful Asset In Marketing Efforts


ExPersona is basically a WordPress plugin that is designed to help marketers drive traffic and interact with viewers effectively. In fact, ExPersona provides tools for you to create triggers that have personalized messages for the viewers.

With ExPersona, it is also easy for you to upload gifs and voice-overs to welcome visitors and ask questions and more. Thus, it lets you generate viral traffic and boost engagement to your own site.

For more details, exPersona is an extremely advanced plugin that was created out of the need to display the right content to the right people at the right time on any website.

There is only 3 seconds to grab viewers attention when they visit your website so it is important to get your message directly to them amongst all the clutter they see.

Specific content can show depending on what day it is. So for instance if a viewer comes to your site on a Friday you can have an entire post display content specific to that day so the viewer really feels that the offer is related to that day only.

Not only that but you can have a video specific to the day display on the website. For example if a viewer comes to your website on a Friday, a video will play that is specific to Friday only which will push a Friday only coupon or amazon offer etc.

Popups will also show displaying Friday only coupons or whatever message you would like to get across.

Specific content can show depending on the location of the person so perfect for offline marketing. You can ask the viewers questions such as what type of such and such do they like, what is their name and the website will update and change the content depending on what the customer is looking for and personalizes the website with their name on future visits.

The list goes on.

ExPersona is the very must have software for multiple uses and there are so many ready to use features are available so you can completely use this for improving your business.

ExPersona Creators

ExPersona is the multipurpose tool developed by Simon Greenhalgh, Vivek Gour, and Kevin Byrne.

ExPersona creators

The first thing you need to know about them is that they have a huge list of products that help marketers solve traffic-related problems. If you are having doubts about their products then Google may help clear your doubt. Their products include eCom Secrets, Spinty, TrafficAid, ClickPress, Konversio, and so much more.

Their experience in e-Commerce as well as in launching products is two factors that help build their reputation.

Let’s switch to the next part of the ExPersona Review to find out more what you will get in this package!

ExPersona Review – Features and Benefits

ExPersona Features

Well, there are tons of things you’ll get inside ExPersona, here are some key features inside the product:

  • Personalize website content
  • Creates scarcity no matter what the offer is
  • Deliver targeted messages and content to each and every visitor
  • Display content using triggers based on what you know about your visitors
  • Ask your visitors questions and then store those answers to customise their experience each time they come back
  • Show the right content, to the right person at the right time
  • Create dynamic evergreen special offers and sales that feel completely unique to every single person
  • Increase sales by using relevant, personalised messages building connections with users that get results
  • Geotargeting – display content tailored to your visitors location!
  • You can install Ex Persona on an unlimited number of WordPress websites that you own.
  • Welcome characters included: The creators have included a selection of characters that you can have appear on website which can use their built in text-to-speech technologyto ask your visitors questions. You can also upload your own characters and voice overs so you can fully customize your visitors experience.
  • Pop up templates included:they have included a selection of pop up graphics created by their designer which you can use to instantly add offers to your website. However, they also allow you to upload whatever you choose so you can have your pop ups match the style of your website!

ExPersona Benefits

  • Ultra Personalized Content

Use triggers such as what day of the week it is (plus many more) to display content that is PERFECT for each and every visitor!

  • Truly Engage With Your Visitors

Use pop-up characters to welcome visitors to your website and ask them questions which you can store to use later.

  • Insert Your Visitors Name Anywhere!

You could ask a visitor for their name and then automatically display it anywhere on your website!

  • Display Any Kind Of Content You Like, Anywhere You Like

The content that you choose to display could literally be anything at all! Videos, coupons, anything from one word to a whole page.


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