Facebook Live Mastery – How To Run Live Broadcasts From A-Z That Maximize Traffic & Sales

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Facebook Live Mastery is a Facebook live training course. You will discover exactly how to overcome camera fear, produce engaging, professional quality lives and how to get results in their business without making rookie mistakes.

FBLMastery Training Course is a program that shows you exactly how to overcome camera fear, produce engaging, professional quality lives and how to get results in their business without making rookie mistakes.

This is the best course that increases your sales, shares, comments, and likes and helps you to plan and structure your FB lives to maintain your viewers engaged. with this FBLMastery Training Course, you will learn how to get rid of camera fear, produce engaging, professional quality lives and how to get results in your business without making rookie mistakes.

You can run professional top quality Facebook lives for local businesses. It includes the checklists, video transcripts, worksheets, and much more. The users of this Facebook live 2:1 mastery will generate sales, improve your audience, create authority, build your list.

Let’s boost your online income. with this fb live mastery, you can discover step by step how to tap the world’s most popular social network for daily profits. You will get free traffic ‘fb live stream”. Because search popularity has risen over 330% since fb |ive’s rollout – search engines love live streams.

You get higher engagement, with users comment on fb live videos at 10x the rate of regular videos, so getting you higher organic reach to targeted prospects. You can also get more sales, because fb live videos are watched 3x longer than non live videos, so more viewers see your calls to action & become paying customers.

In addition, you can learn YouTube live mastery. This is leverage the world’s 2nd largest search engine to attract buyers to your offers. Youtube‘s 1.5 billion logged-in monthly users spend over an hour a day watching video – they’re addicted to video content.

You get targeted audiences, ‘how to” searches are up 70% year over year on youtube, consumers here are actively looking to pay for solutions, so putting more profits in your pocket. This method is so simple it works for anyone.

FBLMastery Training Course Review

You get 100% free targeted traffic for same day sales and profits. Just by hopping on your computer for a few minutes. Easy little live streams on facebook” & youtube are hands-down the best money making opportunity online right now.

In addition, you can see how to use pre-recorded screenshare videos that do all the work – just introduce your live event and stay online to interact with your audience – all the profit benefits with none of the stress.

You won’t have to because both fb and YouTube give a massive free traffic boost to live broadcasts – targeted traffic. l0096 free, anytime you want it. Michael formby will give you every tool & resource so your broadcasts are studio quality and leave your competition in the dust – build a huge following and convert more traffic into paying customers. Fb & YouTube live streams are the easiest & best way for you to make money online.

Here’s a sneak peek inside FBLMastery Training Course…

  • How to leverage both FB & YouTube live streams using PRE-RECORDED videos for all the benefits of a live connection with your audience… without the stress.
  • How to promote ANY offer for profit… affiliate products, your own products, low-end or high-end… and maximize conversions.
  • How to use the system to provide TOP PAYING services to clients … no extra licensing required to make passive profits.
  • The exact free software – supported by both FB & Youtube – you can plug into right away.
  • Advanced strategies for building your brand, sales & list in minutes per day.
  • Cheat sheets & shortcuts to get results fast by copying Mikey’s proven formula for daily profits.



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