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Bringing people back to your site and turning them into loyal customers is priceless. This is a game-changer. Now imagine, someone on a site you’re promoting; they love what they see, and are getting ready to buy when all of sudden a distraction happens

Phone call, dog jumps in lap, kids crying and etc.. Afterwards they completely forget what they were doing and ultimately you lose the sale.

This is where Retarget Engine comes in. Using Facebook retargeting tool, this simple but powerful WordPress plugin allows you to remind your distracted customer who left your site the next time they login to their Facebook. How?

How Does It Work?

  1. Once you’ve purchased, simply download the plugin, than upload to your WordPress Installation.
  2. Get the link to your amazon book, affiliate product, eCommerce product, or anything else you’re selling.
  3. Add the link to your campaign, this will generate a new link on your website for your Facebook ad
  4. Generate a new custom audience in Facebook, take the code they give you and add it to the campaign.
  5. Create your Facebook Ad – and select the audience you just created.

Imagine if you could recapture people who came to your e-bay listing through a Facebook ad and retarget them with a discount option? Simply giving them another chance to purchase will greatly increase the likelihood of a sale..

Simply pop your affiliate link into the plugin, follow the instructions and BAM you can now retarget folks who visit your link! Simple as apple pie on the fourth of july.




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