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Discover The Ultimate Ways To Brand Your Business & Get Tons Of Targeted Traffic Using Facebook

As you may know you need traffic to make money online, no matter how good your website is or how great your sales copy is, without targeted traffic, you will not make any money online. We have discovered a way to take advantage of Facebook and their new timeline to help brand your business online and drives tons of targeted traffic to your website. Here are some of the things you will learn with our video training ecourse, starting today:Discover How to Brand Your Website Business With Facebook’s Timeline, Generate More Targeted Traffic To Your Website to Increase Profits and Income, Learn About ebook Creation and Publishing The Right Way, Professional Step-by-Step Expert Video Training From A to Z, Learn What Facebook’s Timeline Is All About And How You Can Benefit And Much More…

Facebook Traffic Income 10-Part Video Training e Course

This step-by-step 10 part video series takes you by the hand and shows you ways to properly setup your Facebook Timeline so that you can brand your company and drive massive traffic

Here’s a list of the 10 component video series in even more detail

Video # 1: Intro to Facebook TimelineIn this video series, you will be introduced to Facebook timeline, the formula in this video course, and what you’ll require in order to get started. You’ll likewise be offered a quick summary of the video collection so you’ll know exactly what to anticipate, and with that you’ll have the ability to put the pieces of the timeline puzzle together in no time.

Video # 2: Brainstorm Your Brand’s Character

Before you create anything you’ll wish to do a little brainstorming. In this video, you’ll be asked to finish a checklist of concerns so you can start developing a listing of details that you can utilize to produce an effective Facebook Timeline.

Video # 3: Timeline Structure

Wish to comprehend how the Facebook Timeline works and how effective companies are utilizing it? In this video, you’ll discover the pieces of the Timeline that make it effective. Understanding this is essential so that you can effectively develop your own timeline for your company.

Video # 4: Produce Your Cover Image

The cover image takes up a big part of the header of the page and is crucial because it is often the first image people see. In this video, you are learn exactly what makes a good cover image so that you can make an effect and remain in the minds of your fans. You’ll likewise be demonstrated how to outsource the cover image, as well as ways to create one yourself.

Video # 5: Produce Your Profile Picture

The profile picture is right below the cover image and is vital too. In this video you will discover exactly what makes a great profile picture, together with exactly what methods you can require to brand yourself.

Video # 6: Using MessagesThe messaging function has actually been added as a brand-new attribute to the timeline. Use it carefully and you can deepen the relationship between your pals and your company.

Video # 7: About Area

In this specific video, you’ll learn how to utilize this little location to your advantage. Use this area sensibly and it can affect your timeline favorably.

Video # 8: Applications

The Apps area is located below the cover image, centered and to the. In this video, you’ll find out ways to actually take the branding of your business to a whole new level just with a few easy, yet powerful ninja punches.

Video # 9: Pin Your Posts

By pinning your posts allows you to relocate a post to the top for seven days. However, while it is simple to simply pin any post, you’ll want to choose your posts sensibly and guarantee they consist of numerous vital products to avoid reducing your edge/rank and losing fan interest.

Video # 10: Milestones

Milestones are events that happen during your life or the history of your company that mark something of significance. While it is easy to discuss yourself and your business, you need to prevent doing it in a way that are lose your fan’s or prospective fan’s interest. While the timeline allows you to reveal people events that are necessary in your business, you have to lay them out properly.

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