Fast Cash Mailer

 This powerful simple to use system is free to join and will allow you to email thousands of its members with a single click. It’s the perfect way to start seeing the power behind building a list. The power behind building a list is what sets you apart from everyone else. However some times we all just need a little bit of a short cut.

This is where our powerful solo ads and membership comes in at Fast Cash Mailer .This free and simple membership system allows you to emails thousands of our members every month. This is a perfect way to start with list building. You can start to understand the benefits of building a list, use our system to build your own mailing list or just promote offers to the list.

Fast cash mailer offers a few membership options such as Free, Pro and Exclusive. Exclusive gives you the most advertising power making sure you reach the maximum number of members. The Pro membership level is great for those people starting out and looking to understand the system better but also have enough advertising power to really kick their sales into gear.

While fast cash mailer does offer a free membership you will spend a little time clicking up credits by visiting others ads we recommend using a Gmail account and filtering the ads so you can be sure you click on every email. This will allow you to gain the full benefits of the site even with your free membership.

The credits you earn can then be used to email other members, add banner and text ads to the system where are rotated to all members. A big part of the site is the introduction of solo ads. These ads allow you to email the entire membership base and not just a part of it.


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