FB Ads Formula


FB Ads Will Work For You Without having to risk losing your shirt, Without needing to have a lots of money to run ads (in fact you can start with $5 a day),Without having to be a big company or player,Without knowing how to create pretty images or write copy and Without having to learn anything complicated or time consuming.

Imagine a way to contact your perfect audience, prospect, or even a particular individual and reach out to them without spending more than a few cents. You can literally watch over every week step by step videos to take your business to the next level using Facebook and generate one wildly profitable campaign after another in 5 modules .

In these modules you will professionally get the followings: Creating a rabid group of buying prospects from Facebook ads, Using viral sharing and comments feature of Facebook, Easiest and fastest ways of creating a Facebook friendly offers, Follow up sales messages and pages you need to set up to maximize your profits,And that’s just the beginning

Ryan Shaw, who’s been using FB for over 5 years to grow his businesses and for a multitude of clients has figured out the EXACT formula to making money and getting leads with Facebook and shows you the new changes that have changed the game!


Inside this course you will learn the following steps:

  • In step 1, we focus on building your ideal customer, knowing that building your ideal customer will help you build your perfect target audience.
  • Step 2 revolves around building that ideal target audience. A great ad doesn’t amount to much if it doesn’t get in front of the right people, and we give you methods to finding out exactly who the right people are to show your ads to.
  • Step 3 discusses making a Facebook-friendly funnel. We don’t jump right into making the actual ad just yet for reasons you can find out about in the program. We also discuss pricing of your product and how it fits in with pricing of your ads, and what it means for your ROIs.
  • After we’ve done our research and built our rapport, we focus in on step 4, which is creating the ad itself. In this step, we discuss how to find the right bidding strategies and targeting options for your business. We walk you through the actual creation stage to help you generate strong content that is likely to convert.
  • Step 5 is all about taking that hard work and maximizing your ROI through a variety of methods that can yield massive results.


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