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FB Exciter is a  complete set and forget system that makes massive profits exposing the power of Facebook’s messenger like never before in just 4 easy steps.
Step 1 – Collect Messenger leads
Step 2 – Schedule and set your campaign
Step 3 – Send a message including videos
Step 4 – Let The Automation do the rest

However, with 4 out of every 5 people having smartphones, nowadays, and Facebook Messenger being much more easily accessible than email, it is slowly falling to the shades. Not to mention deliverability rate and the possibility of your emails being lost into the cyberspace and to never be seen again.

To sum all of this up, if Email Marketing were to go toe-to-toe with our heavy-hitter, FB Exciter, it would lose every time.Email Marketing is the past, and FB Exciter is the future

1. Select the leads whom you want to send message. Full flexibility to select.
2. Create your message. We are providing the facility to send message with First Name and Last Name.
3. We are providing the facility to attach your links with the message.
4. We are providing the Awesome Feature to attach your YouTube videos that will play within the inbox.
5. Send instantly or schedule your campaign and forget.
And Much More


This awesome marketing tool can generate more than $970 within 24 hours. Facebook Exciter is now the best bulk mailer ever in marketplace. The best part of this software that you easily can direct message to all of your Facebook Subscriber or Follower.

And we can strongly states that this is now 10x more stronger than email-marketing.Consequently, this 100% efficient tool boost your business by 50x.

Why We Recommend 1 FB Exciter ?

  1. Super Easy :: This is truly very simple technique and easy to use. Without having prior experience you can do everything.
  2. Powerful Technology :: Undoubtedly, latest hidden and most powerful technology is used here. And it use the most traffic clouded platform Facebook for your internet marketing.
  3. YouTube Traffic :: You can get also the YouTube traffic from here. Because, you are eligible to send your YouTube video to your desired list by direct message.
  4. Custom Message :: Yes! you easily can custom your message that can be send to different users.
  5. Embed Emoji :: To highlight your message you can also insert emoji with your message.
  6. Schedule Message :: The best part is that you can choose your time to send your message. Optionally you can send them instantly or Scheduled.
  7. Delivery Report :: After the total process you will get the full & final delivery report instantly.

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