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Facebook Auto Poster is a great way to automate your marketing efforts.  If you are an entrepreneur or a social media marketer, you clearly understand the importance of using automation to save time.

 If you are new to social media marketing, however, you may be unfamiliar with the concept.  This will be a brief overview of what is a Facebook auto poster, how and why you should use one to save time, and what to not do with one.

The first step you to automating Facebook group posting is the Group Gorilla. This feature allows you to target and find hundreds of groups in the Facebook world. All you have to do is type the keywords you want or upload a file with list of choice words. This feature is allowed to collect open groups, closed groups and groups you are a part of already.

Once you have your groups ready to go and targeted, with FB Virtual Assistant you simple join all those groups with a click of a button. Let it sit until its done. If the group is closed you will need to wait for the admin to accept you but party crasher will join groups for you on autopilot.

It’s time to start getting some Facebook traction. This feature is what allows you to post in Facebook groups on autopilot. Within the software there are settings that make sure you are not flagged by Facebook in any particular action so you can be sure that you are save at all times using this tool… if you don’t screw with the setting too much.

All in all FB Virtual Assistant is a great tool that you can use to post in groups, target members via ID’s and find targeted people that you can network with. Legally, there is no guarantee of any income results using this tool just like anything else you buy. But it is a great one time purchase that will save you time.

Creating a Do Not Post List is a crucial step and is a precaution you need to take in order to have the best chance of not getting blocked by Facebook.  You may belong to some groups that you like to interact in, but are not related to the product or service that you promote using an autoposter.

 In order to avoid annoying the members with posts that are not relevant to the mission of those groups, you need to create a list of groups that you don’t want to post to.  This can be done by downloading the group descriptions and reading through them to find and eliminate the ones that are not good candidates for auto posting.


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