Fearless Email Marketing


Are you currently struggling to build and maintain your email list buyer and are you looking for ways that you can transform your ‘dud’ email list into subscribers who are anxious to buy from you, time and time again?

If the answers are yes to both… Chuck Mullaney, a 10-year email marketing veteran, has released his Fearless Email Marketing Guide which is a 5-Step System that you can start implementing and force your subscribers to take whatever actions you want when you email them and most importantly – extend the lifespan of your list!

What You Will Find Inside Chuck Mullaney’s Fearless Email Marketing:

  • You will learn how to make your emails stand out from the rest of the promotional emails that your subscribers are getting. You will learn about Chuck Mullaney’s surefire technique that will grab their attention and easily double your current open rate but you will definitely need to know how to correctly use this method!

  • This is the next step you will learn to take after you have successfully captured their attention and get them to open any emails that you send. You will learn how to get your subscribers to click at your offer link and the special one word that you can use in your emails to massively increase the click through rate!

  • You will learn about the 4 easy ways that you can use to solidify your relationship with your email list. A good relationship will ensure that your subscribers will keep buying from you for a long time to come! If you think this is all about bribing them with free stuff (what most marketers are currently doing), you will definitely be surprised.

  • A sizeable email list looks good in number but do you know that your list will contain those toxic subscribers that will deteriorate your deliverability rates. So this chapter will get you into the habit of removing these type of subscribers and help to increase the lifespan of your email list!

  • Chuck Mullaney will share his personal and strict “to-do” list based on his ten years of email marketing which will help you to avoid major disasters that you will usually get out from email marketing.







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