Fiction Plots – Discovering Inspiration For Your Next Fiction Book Series

A well-written plot will provide enough information to spark your creativity, without giving so much detail that you will feel stuck in someone else’s story construct. A strong plot will:

  • Define the characters;
  • Explain the conflict that your main character will want to overcome. This will drive your story;
  • Map the turning points in your story, leading the character to resolving the conflict of the story;
  • Demonstrate how the main character changes on the journey to the conflict resolution;
  • Hint at the setting that supports the story;
  • Describe how the conflict was resolved at the end of the story…

We have hired the best fiction plot writers money can buy to ensure that we are able to provide you access to fiction plots you can use to create fiction novels that sell…

But, rather than asking our writers to create stand-alone stories, we have advised our plot writers to create a series of ten (10) book plots that you can use to create an outstanding story that you can develop into a compelling book series.

Each fiction plot series is created in the following format:

  • OVERVIEW: This is the essence of your story and sums up what it is about in two sentences or less.
  • SHORT SUMMARY: This section describes in greater detail the basic storyline.
  • CHARACTER LIST: A list of the main characters (protagonist, antagonist, etc.).
  • CORE CONFLICTS: The core conflicts your characters face.
  • STAKES: What your characters stand to lose, and what is at stake for them.
  • 10 CHAPTER OUTLINE: A step-by-step breakdown of each chapter with a short summary detailing what each chapter includes.

We currently have several plot authors and a webmaster on our payroll. All are people with extensive experience writing fiction.

We have advised our writers to create sets of 3, 5, 7 or 10 plots in the following categories: romance, historical, science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, and mystery.

As each plot author finishes his/her work, we upload those new plot series to the membership area of the website.

Since our monthly membership plan sells for a lot less than what most people pay for a single set of plots, you will be getting loads of extra value from our program.

Three years after launching this program (November 2014 launch), we so far have:

  • 301 full-length plots (2500-3500 words each)
  • Most plots are in series plot sets
  • Bonus Story Ideas
    • 12 Mystery Outlines (Separate from what is included in the regular plots section)
    • 272 Two-Sentence Story Starters

The primary challenge for us has been first to find competent writers. The second challenge has been to find writers who are comfortable creating plots outside their chosen genres.

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