Forex Trading Rules


Once you learn my system you will have a major advantage over most people trying to make money in the Forex market. With a little practice you can be winning in the Forex market unlike 95% of the others out there. And believe me, it’s sure a lot more fun taking money from them than it is letting them take money from you.

The Forex Trading Rules will teach you how to spot winning trades and also how to manage those trades for high profitability. I will show you exactly how to earn a consistent income from taking trades based on a sound trading plan. There are no tricks or gimmicks, just an easy-to-learn trading plan that can help you to grow your trading account at a steady rate while risking only 1%, 2%, or even less, on any one trade.

Here is a typical example of a trade using the Forex Trading Rules:


Within minutes you can get your hands on this powerful strategy. You simply cannot afford to miss out on this revolutionary Forex trading system. My system is an extremely simple-to-learn strategy designed to trade the 5-minute charts and the 15-minute charts on currency pairs with low spreads such as the GBP/USD, USD/JPY, EUR/USD, and others.

The Forex Trading Rules book includes step by step instructions that will teach you a strategy that can pull in consistent profits day after day using easy-to-recognize trading patterns. But even if you don’t know what a pip is, or what a currency pair is, don’t panic. I will teach you everything you need to know to be a winning trader.

The Forex Trading Rules is a very clever strategy that can even turn potential losing trades into winners. The money management techniques you will learn can help reduce the amount of losing trades you experience which also protects your account balance.

Most people place a trade and then watch and worry. They watch the market move in their favor and then agonize when it suddenly reverses against them, often turning winning trades into losing trades. But by following just one of my trade management rules you will be able to turn many potential losing trades into winning trades very quickly. And once your trade has been turned into a winner you can rest easy from then on, knowing that you can win, but you can no longer lose. It gives you the opportunity to win and win big while removing the possibility of losing.

The Forex Trading Rules can give you small risks and big rewards. On the chart below you will see a FX  trade returning a large profit. Can you imagine how much stress you would have experienced if you entered this trade, “scalped” a 10 pip profit from it, and then watched as it continued onward without you, costing you thousands of dollars? That would be stress with a capital “S.”

Here are just a few of the things you will discover inside the Forex Trading Rules:

  • Learn an entry system that has a very high probability of success while keeping your risk extremely low. You can place trades requiring a risk that is 1% or less while giving you the potential of earning profits many times that amount. In other words, minimum risk and maximum gain.
  • Easy-to-learn step by step instructions on all aspects of the FX Trading
    Plan Pro. It’s so easy even a 12 year old can learn it.
  • Easy-to-spot patterns. Some systems have very complicated rules, but the
    Forex Trading Rules relies on easy-to-recognize price patterns. Once you see a pattern you enter a trade. It couldn’t be any easier.
  • Learn trade management techniques that can turn many potential losing trades into winning trades.
  • Learn trade management techniques that can lock in profits quickly, allowing you to trade with much less stress.
  • Learn money management skills that can keep your losses small while allowing your profits to build to very large levels.
  • Learn the “golden goose” of trading, spotting market tops and market bottoms.

Here are some of the potential benefits from the Forex Trading Rules©:

  • The opportunity to win high percentages of money on your trading account!
  • Learn how to identify market reversal points, the key to huge profits.
  • See many actual chart examples with explanations of where to enter and exit.
  • Learn trade management tips to protect your account with this low-risk strategy.
  • Learn tips for turning potential losing trades into winning trades.
  • Learn how to turn trading into a full time income.
  • Learn how to easily spot bearish divergences and bullish convergences, two patterns that can help you spot extremely profitable trades. (These may seem like big words to you, but you will get a detailed explanation along with easy-to-understand charts concerning everything you need to know to be a successful trader)

My system is so effective you’ll wonder why I am not charging you 5 times as much for it! I certainly could? Many systems lose money or are satisfied with small profits.Imagine how much money you can rake in, consistently capturing large profitable trades. Imagine the thrill of knowing that each time you enter a trade you have a very high probability of success!

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