Fresh Bundle Master v2


Fresh Bundle Master is designed to allow people to bundle related products together so that people an add them all at once to their Amazon shopping cart. They can also get a discount from Amazon for purchasing multiple items. This is the key this kind of promotion, giving the users a discount for making a larger purchase. Its a strategy used successfully by countless online (and offline) retailers. The plugin is extremely well designed. The interface is clean and crisp. It is full of options and the code is quite professional.  If you need assistance there is categorized in plugin help as well as links to contact support. Creating a product bundle is easy with the ‘bundle wizard’ feature and adding it to your site is as simple as pasting in short code. It is apparent that this software was not only well thought out but it was written by experienced and professional WordPress developers.  Fresh Bundle Master is based on  a solid marketing concept used by many successful online retailers and it is a high grade plugin written by professional developers.



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