Funnel Trax

Funnel Trax is a link and funnel tracking system using a simple web based point and click interface (SaaS) to create complete funnel tracking and sales optimizations in the least amount of time possible.Main features of Funnel Trax are Link and funnel tracking. Simply specify the URL(s) in your sales funnel, copy the tracking script to each page and you are ready to go.Track any link or URL you control. Track funnel pages (squeeze, sales, upsell, downsell, thank you, download) or individual links for banners, images, external links or your email links.Conversion Tracking. Set your cost-per-click or ad budget and track your conversions, earnings per click and ROI.Split Testing. You can split test every part of your funnel. Not just A/B split testing but you can rotate as many pages as you want (Visitor Allocation). Just set the percentage you want each page to occur.Retargeting Pixel Tracking. Add Retargeting pixels to each page in your funnel and re-market to your visitor through all major advertising platforms as Facebook Ads, Google Remarketing, Fetchback, Adroll and more.External Pixel Tracking. Track external pages after the user clicks your link, so you can follow each visitor through your funnel.Statistics and Reportings. Monitor your marketing campaigns from within one central location.Link Cloaking. Easily create and cloak all your affiliate links anywhere on your site.



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