Have you been struggling to create a profitable sales funnel? Have you been frustrated with under-performing squeeze pages, sales pages, webinars, on boarding sequences? What if – there was a proven system for creating high-converting sales funnels in any niche, that will build a massive audience of raving fans and buyers, giving you a virtual license to print money on-demand? This module is going to help you get in the right mindset of how you should be thinking about building out a profitable sales funnel. Master this mindset and this is what DOUBLES or TRIPLES your earning per customer.This mindset can be applied to any product or service. We have identified various business models / product offerings, of which we breakdown, giving examples of which triggers to use and when to use them. SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), Mid – High Ticket Offerings , Product Launch Model, Physical Products. One thing we learned after building dozens of profitable sales funnels, are that the same “triggers” were used to craft each funnel. The “triggers” always remained the same. Inside of the training, we breakdown each “trigger” and discuss.The concept behind each trigger. When are the most effective times to use each. How each trigger is used as it relates to a sales funnel.




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