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Genius Trainer Pro is a one of a kind web app that allows you to create online courses using the latest technology and ease of use.when you get Genius Trainer Pro today, you can easily:Determine pricing with a set monthly fee, Create unlimited courses, with unlimited students, Upload videos, slides, worksheets, and audio content with a few easy clicks, Insert your JVZoo payment button, Stop wasting your time and money on mind-numbing tech-work, Spend your efforts on marketing your business, building authority, and enhancing your online profile, Sell Courses, Products, Subscriptions, and Memberships, Manage Students, Customers, and Inquiries With Smooth Interface. Online Training courses are some of the THE most effective and reliable sources of recurring income in the history of online marketing.Get Genius Trainer Pro, the one stop solution for your Online Training System – TODAY – and you can immediately log in and get your course loaded and deployed within minutes.You’ll discover how to use your expertise in ANYTHING to create a course that truly helps people improve aspects of their lives. READ: Genius Trainer Pro isn’t just for the Internet Marketing niche! You can leverage your knowledge in any area to make a regular income with online training courses.Other marketers and developers have tried to deliver simple, streamlined Online Training Platforms, and failed miserably.We’ve been EXACTLY where you are right now, so we know what it’s like to promote products for the “One and Done” paydays.That’s why we created Genius Trainer Pro. To create a crystal clear solution, and make it easy for you to get your Online Training Course up and running… fast!


Create an entire course using video content. Use our exclusive VMerge technology to display your webcam and PowerPoint slides simultaneously. This helps to keep your students engaged throughout your course.Inside Genius Trainer Pro, you’ll find beautiful drag and drop templates so you can sell and promote courses and capture priceless new leads.


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