Gifzign – Simply Turn Your YouTube or Vimeo Video Into Amazing GIFs

GIFs used to be limited to dark online forums, imgur and sub reddits, but that has all changed. They have now gone mainstream. Companies like Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram have adopted GIFs as part of their core marketing feature set.Just what do we see in GIFs? Like emojis and emoticons, they’re a way to quickly transmit information or emotion to a population that’s inundated with content and favors image-based communication. With this amazing app you can turn any video on Youtube, Vimeo or your computer to a GIF in just a few seconds or record from your screen or camera, Customize your GIFs with text, images, or other special effects like looping, instagram-like filters, cinemagraphs and Instantly publish your GIF with a beautiful custom player on your website or with built-in mockup frames…..

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