Golden Op Safelist

A safelist is a mailing list where all members can mail to each other. These emails cannot be considered as spam because every member has opted in and confirmed their email address. A safelist can be used to advertise websites, business opportunities and so forth. Our Safelist lets you use only credit based  mailing system!

Credit(Point) Based Mailer: With the credit based mailer you can email your ads to the safelist up to 3 times a day as long as you have credits left. One credit = one person you can mail to. You will get 5000 credits just for joining. Earn credits for reading mail and for referring others .

You can choose the amount of credits you use. This is a really good feature because it allows you to save your credits and use them whenever you want to. Our special credit links guarantees that people will visit your site.Our members receive credits for reading other member’s ads. But in order to receive any credits they need to visit your website and stay there for 10 seconds.

Our special script will check this automatically, so you will get guaranteed visitors. Earn Money For Referring Members.Every member of our safelist can earn money for referring other members to our safelist.We’re PACKED FULL of AWESOME Features!

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Earn Free Ads Every Time You Click “X” Amount Of Ads, Earn Discounts By Clicking Ads, Personal Splash Page Builder, Earn DOUBLE-CREDITS During Happy Hour, Great  Solo Mailing Packages,PLUS Many Other Membership Benefits!









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