Google Adwords Biz In A Box

This package comes complete with Ebook, audio & video training. The course is developed by the well-established duo at, namely Dr. Amit Pareek and Ashu Kumar. To date, they have had 20 successful PLR product launches, all of them highly successful .So with this solid background, this product is not just another copy/paste work, and besides getting to benefit from it as a user, the PLR component is the other big plus that allows you to sell the product as your own and keep all the profits. For those of you who are not so familiar with paid traffic, Google AdWords is Google’s market leading advertising platform for paid search traffic. As we all know, Google is the primary search engine that everyone uses today to find useful info and websites using specific keyword searches. Every search shows that people are looking for a solution to their problem and Google’s technology allows websites to be displayed with such speed and precision, which is why we are all “Googling” today, Google AdWords is an auction-based promotional method that came and brought a revolution in the field of advertising with the PPC (Pay-per-Click) pricing model. It is simply a system that helps you market your products and services by placing text advertisements that will appear based on the specific keywords that you wish to advertise for.



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