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The Google Cash Explosion is another tool that people use in order to pretend like the average internet user can use Google in order to make money off Google. You have to have a certain amount of skill and knowledge in order to use Google as a source of income.

The main product is an e-book that has 20 complementary videos that show the process live.The premise of the e-book is how to set up small affiliate niche websites. It contains basic information on how to find a niche.

It goes into great detail about different ways to do this.If you have already created a couple of niche sites you will most probably know this already. You will learn about copywriting for the site. It was quite a good section.

Most internet marketing products tend to gloss over copy writing or assume you know more than you do, Mark provided some great tips and angles for writing content. It also provides basic tips on improving the SEO of the article.

It also covers setting up various WordPress plugins including an SEO one. See the video exactly to get the info.The Google Cash Explosion 2.0 System has been completely redone and updated for 2015 and beyond. With over 1500 members so far and plenty of success stories your subscribers are sure to thank you for this one.


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The Funnel, Sales Page and all material have been improved from the original launch to maximize your conversions and commissions.

As well as our super profitable flow, you are also cookie’d right through the members’ area where we offer the same incentives at strategic points to maximize sales.

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