Google Maps Domination


Google Maps Domination is powerful Google Maps Maker and Training software from Holly Cooper. This product will bring you to another piece of ranking in Google that you will see maps maker turn out Google Maps automatically and quickly.

Google Maps Domination Features:

  • Video and Map Embeds
    What you can use Google for embeds? Learn how!
  • Youtube and Maps
    Connecting Video’s to Maps and Vice Versa
  • Map Indexing
    Learn Some Tricks For Map Indexing
  • Learning ROI With Maps
    Proper Map POI For Maximum Effect
  • Get Ranked!
    Google Maps Rank Quickly and Easily .. With The Right Training
  • Easy To Work With
    Your High-Jacking Google Authority ..
  • Only Software Out There That Does The Job
    It does it’s job … that’s all that matters right! No one else on the market has created and released such a software.
  • Content Stays Indexed
    Your Maps and Embeds Are Solid. They Aren’t Removed … Or They Don’t Close The Doors Like Web 2.0’s

Google Maps Domination Here What You Get:

  • 1 License Key ($37.00 Per Month) (Easily Worth Well Over $500.00)
  • Michael Bowes Map Training (Could Sell For $500.00)
  • 1 Free Template For Backlinking in Money Robot
  • Video and Map Embeds
  • Images in Maps and Video Embeds in the Map
  • Connecting Video’s to Maps and Vice Versa
  • Map Indexing
  • Proper Map POI For Maximum Effect

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