Graphics Diamond Box V2


Graphics Diamond Box V2 is a magnificent collection of 5-star quality marketing graphics and templates that will amaze your subscribers! Most of the graphics are brand new, fresh & modern based on the newest design trends.

After over 5 years of graphic design and internet marketing experience my goal is to deliver stellar-quality graphics that actually CONVERT. I make sure they incorporate direct-response principles to give your subscribers higher conversions, increase in sales and profits!

This one-of-a-kind, premium collection features my graphic templates. It’s not another random graphic pack with graphics from 1999. Graphics Diamond Box V2 package is HOT, MODERN and SLICK.

Graphics Diamond Box V2 will have a TON of Modules (40), video graphics, video templates, characters and other unique things! Plus, the graphics will be now editable in Microsoft Powerpoint or Open Office making it very easy!

This is a perfect graphic collection for: internet marketer, affiliate marketers, product vendors, offline marketers and paid advertisers.

Inside you’ll receive 535+ absolutely jaw-dropping graphics that will boost your conversions & save a ton of money on graphic designers! Here’s what kind of phenomenal graphics you’ll get:

* Logo Templates
* Facebook Covers
* Facebook Newsfeed Ads
* Twitter Post Graphics
* Full HD Video Backgrounds
* Mobile Squeeze Pages
* Character Graphics
* Ecover Templates
* Kindle Book Cover Designs
* Banner Templates
* Sales Page Graphics
* Powerpoint Explainer Video Templates
* Infographic Template

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