Group Marketer

Group Marketer is a desktop software for both Windows and Mac, which allows to both mass join and mass post on schedule, as well as post to unlimited Facebook groups by the user who is just a regular member of the groups.

Our team is known from producing quality software. This software is no different.We now have 6 FULL TIME support team which is helping customers of our products so you know your buyers are in the good hands.

Every marketer who want to promote their product or affiliate offer on Facebook.As will all our products we are looking for above $10 EPC across the funnel.

It allows to post to unlimited Facebook groups organized into posting profiles, as well as search and join massive number of groups on the daily basis.

Group Marketer also supports scheduling and throttling to spread the automated Facebook activity over time instead of massive short burst spikes.

Because Group Marketer is a desktop software, it was technically possible to build the app with internal web browser, which in turn made it possible to automate what user would naturally do in browser while on Facebook.

In other words, to Facebook Group Marketer software is just an active participant in Facebook social activity.




Create your message, click start, and have your promotion broadcast to hundreds of Facebook groups you participate in.

This is how easy it is to broadcast marketing messages for your products or affiliate offers to be seen by an audience of tens of thousands of people in Facebook groups on a daily basis.


Group Marketer can replace the outsourced team of people posting to groups with an automation.It gives entrepreneurs and small marketers access to the same group audience reach as established businesses with a team.


Group Marketer allows you not only to send product promotions but also to kick start your viral traffic by strong push of your viral content to be seen by massive audience.




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