Guerrilla Diet Personalized Menu – Guidelines To Optimal Health

Galit Goldfarb BSc, MSc is a clinical nutritionist and medical scientist and multiple award winning author who has worked within the health field for 22 years. Galit helps people with weight or health issues stop their confusion about what, how, and when to eat so they can reach optimal health and lasting weight loss without medications or struggling with dieting.

Her mission is to heal the world through better food choices. Following her personal suffering with weight issues, cancer and raising two of her daughters with epilepsy and mental disability, Galit made it her mission to research the ideal diet for humans which formed the basis of her multiple Award Winning International Bestseller “The Guerrilla Diet and Lifestyle Program”.

Galit runs an active blog and was invited to give a TEDx talk on the “Ideal Diet For Humans” Galit is a Professional member of the American Nutrition Association, and the American Society for Nutrition, and holds a BSc (honours) in Biochemistry and Nutrition, an MSc in Medical Science with Distinction, studied Immunology for a Post Graduate Certificate and holds many diplomas in alternative medicine.

Galit offers workshops, speaking engagements, online programs and personal coaching to help people finally achieve optimal health and lose the weight they’ve been struggling with.

The Guerilla Diet is divided  into two sections:

  • The first traces evolutionary evidence of why diet works
  • Outlining the lifestyle itself

Anthropology buffs will be impressed with the depth of Goldfarb’s supporting research, which makes up two-thirds of the book. Epigenetics–the study of how genes are expressed, based upon external or environmental factors–provides the basis for her theory for the ideal human diet.

Gorillas have much in common with humans, she says, but the foods they consume stand in contrast to the typical Western diet. In captivity, gorillas who were fed processed foods suffered from obesity, heart disease, high cholesterol, and sugar addiction; after returning to their natural high-fiber, low-protein, and low-fat diet, the animals thrived.

Similarly, she says, humans would benefit from a return to the food that led them to succeed as a species. Goldfarb provides examples of the consequences of eating too much animal protein, dairy, and processed foods, which may scare any burger-loving American reader straight.

Taking on a natural, mostly plant-based diet, she says, helps people break free from disease and general malaise. For readers who aren’t convinced, Goldfarb provides evidence that leading an unhealthy lifestyle can predispose one’s children to disease and early death.

The description of the Guerrilla/Gorilla Diet is dissimilar to those of other diets in that it provides intricate scientific and historic explanations. Such comprehensiveness may almost be too dense for casual readers, but even those seeking a new route to better health will find detailed 12-week and 30-day plans to follow as well as a bounty of food charts.

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