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Here at High IQ Mailer we pride ourselves in bringing the facts to the public domain, exposing the truth about what goes on in the world of marketing.

Our goal is to increase your understanding of how to market effectively, the facts and figures you should be looking for, and the truth about what is just nothing more than myths and deception designed to fool you in to parting with your hard earned cash.Here at High IQ Mailer

We like to make sure that our Downline Builder is something that gives you a competitive edge when it comes to your Marketing efforts, that’s why the programs featured in our Downline Builder are RANKED in order of our Top 20 Referral Sources based on their Lead Generation Ratio (LGR).

At High IQ Mailer our goal is to provide the means for our members to both learn about the truth about what is going on in the mailer industry and what all the jargon, buzz words and hype created by so many other mailers really means, and also to educate on how you can market more effectively and get the most from your efforts when you are using a mailer.



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