How Integrating LinkedIn with Other Tools Can Improve Your Sales Prospecting Results


You probably bounce between devices and sales platforms throughout the day. You may also find yourself losing valuable time, as the minutes spent toggling between applications and manually inputting data add up.

Sales Navigator can solve some of your efficiency problems by helping you combine your most important sales tools. Here we explore the ways you can integrate Sales Navigator with other sales applications and lead generation software.

Leverage Powerful Insights

How do you organize your most important contacts? Your CRM, right? There’s no question it is one of a salesperson’s most valuable tools, but every tool can be more efficient. One way to make your CRM work smarter is to sync it with Sales Navigator.

By combining your CRM with Sales Navigator, you can leverage your most important relationship data in one place, and more easily discover relevant insights about the accounts and leads you are working. Consider these benefits:

  • LinkedIn and CRM data combined in a centralized location
  • Lead data from LinkedIn automatically syncs with your CRM
  • Sales Navigator activity is automatically logged in your CRM

With all this info integrated, you can quickly pull out the most relevant data and spend less time on manually inputting, organizing, and analyzing information.

Organize Your Communication

One of the great frustrations of every salesperson is bouncing between communication tools. Gmail and Microsoft Outlook are two of the most popular platforms, and both offer a suite of tools to organize contacts, communication, and documents. However, like with your CRM, your email platform becomes even more powerful when you combine it with Sales Navigator.

By syncing the two you can see your Sales Navigator communication right in your inbox. Instead of switching between email and Sales Navigator, you can access LinkedIn profiles and contact information, as well as save contacts as leads directly from your inbox.

Go Mobile

How much of your time is spent on a mobile device? Mobile usage has eclipsed desktop and continues to grow. And in a B2B world that is seeing more millennial influence, mobile usage is becoming the norm.

This may not be news to you. Salespeople are always balancing multiple projects, and — especially if you’re a frequent traveler — it’s only natural your work will be done on mobile devices. Even if you haven’t adopted a mobile-centric mentality, it seems like only a matter of time before everyone will be mobile-first.

Luckily, Sales Navigator makes going mobile easy. With iOS and Android apps, Sales Navigator is accessible on any device at any time. The app is easy to navigate and pulls in the most important information from Sales Navigator, so you can get what you need on the go.

Keep Everything in One Place

Dynamics 365 is one of the most powerful tools for tracking and analyzing an entire sale. Combining it with Sales Navigator allows you to pull relevant data from LinkedIn into the Dynamics 365 user interface.

Likewise, Dynamics 365 data syncs with Sales Navigator to easily reference relevant information on companies and individuals on LinkedIn. You can also pull your communication — including notes, InMail, messages, and calls — from Sales Navigator into Dynamics 365.

Manage the Whole Sales Process

Each of the integrations above focuses on a single application. The helpful tools allow you to combine Sales Navigator with specific applications that are imperative to the sales cycle. With the Sales Navigator Application Platform (SNAP), you can access all those applications in one place.

By using SNAP, you don’t have to switch between apps or platforms. Instead of opening multiple applications to check on different projects, you can access everything in the same spot. SNAP supports:

  • Business intelligence
  • CRM
  • eSignature
  • Marketing automation
  • Sales acceleration
  • Web conferencing

Improving efficiency is a goal of every salesperson. By organizing your sales tools, you can spend less time entering and toggling, and more time selling.

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