How Local Biz Owners Double Their Online Booking Service With AppointBee

AppointBee is a WordPress plugin that you can use to create a modern appointment booking system for local businesses. It’s very easy to use and comes with a lot of new features that makes it better than the competition. Plus, it’s a one time payment so you don’t have to worry about monthly fees.

With AppointBee, you can set up a simple, high converting booking system for any local business in minutes. This will help them take more bookings during office hours, save money on call centres, attract more bookings, and win customers from their competitors. They’ll also save hours of admin work and endless phone calls. And best of all, they’ll save heaps of cash on expensive booking tools.

Local business owners always need to make appointments for their customers. That is why this service will always be in demand. It is a valuable service that can make you money for years to come.

Investing in AppointBee will help local business owners book appointments more easily, get more appointments, and stop wasting money on call centers or overpriced software

Outdated booking systems are making it hard for local business owners. They are paying a lot of money to call centres to take bookings for them, but it is not working. Customers also have a hard time making bookings because they have to think about what to say, wait for an email response, and then go back and forth with the secretary.

Often, customers forget to show up and this results in heavy losses for the local business owner. In the US alone, $150 billion per year is estimated as the annual loss from missed medical appointments. Now think about the complete local market.

Features & Benefits:

No more double bookings

AppointBee’s technology prevents double bookings. The software will notify another customer if they have already booked an appointment and offer another slot.

Show working hours

You can set up the holidays, days off, lunchtimes, and meetings of your clients so that bookings are only taken when they are available.

Accept Payment Upfront

AppointBee lets you accept payments upfront, unlike other booking systems. This feature is popular with local businesses because it allows them to get paid upfront, and reduces the risk of “no-shows”.See also  Ways to grow Instagram followers up to 6000 in Just 2 Months

Google Calendar Integration

Click a button to instantly sync the client’s Google Calendar into AppointBee. This will allow your client to view all their appointments, even those that were booked separately in their AppointBee bookings.

SMS Reminders & Automatic Email

To ensure that appointments are kept on track, people who have booked appointments will receive notifications. Autopilot will reduce no-shows and increase your client’s number.

Simple Client Dashboard

To help clients stay organized, they will be able to see their appointments from a bird’s-eye view.

Create an email list for your client

You can capture emails during the booking process so that the business owner or you can follow up with additional offers in the future. To collect large paychecks each month, you can offer them an email marketing service that is done for you!

Multiple Users For Each Business

Many biz owners have multiple people who book appointments (dentists and doctors, chiropractors, roofers etc.). AppointBee allows you to give each member of your team their own appointment systems under one “umbrella system” for your company.

Super Easy To Set Up

Simply point and click to get the system up and running for your client. It’s easy to follow and is suitable for beginners without any special skills.

Appointments Made Simple

It’s easier than ever to manage appointments for clients or yourself. All the information you need is in one place: see available slots, booked times, dates, and bookings. It’s also easy for potential customers. It’s simple to use, clean and works well on mobile.

Built-In Blogging

This can be used by clients to give additional information about their products or services, increase appointment bookings, and even get free Google traffic. You can also display images in the slider section that is integrated into the theme. This will draw attention to each post and build trust, giving your blog a professional appearance.

Mobile Optimized

AppointBee is compatible with all screen sizes and devices. Your client will never lose a booking due to a poorly designed form. With just a few taps, customers can book appointments on their mobile devices.

If you use AppointBee, you can solve all of these problems in just 5 minutes of setup! AppointBee offers local business owners a fully optimized, hands-free appointment booking system. With AppointBee, you have the power to double any local business bookings and customers over a short period of time!

And charge them monthly recurring, one-time price in multiples of hundreds. Or simply act as an appointment booking agency for various businesses. Now let’s jump into the next section of my AppointBee Review to find out more about AppointBee features and benefits.



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