How Spotify Keeps Score to Track Manager Performance

Inspiring coaches get creative with scoreboards while keeping them relevant to the employees they are managing. For example, Stephen Mansfield, CEO of Methodist Health System in Dallas, has a handy technique to keep his team focused and accountable. His scorecard is literally just that–an index card.

Mansfield says, “I have a little handwritten index card for each direct report. On that card, I write the three primary things that person and I have agreed that I most need from them. I check in with each person every few weeks to ask how he or she is doing on those items. I always end the discussion with, ‘Is there anything I can do to help?’ ”

Mansfield is a master at boosting accountability for results and developing great relationships by measuring progress and results. Notice in his quote that he is also asking his team what he can do. This is a good example of how to integrate the five positive coaching habits into the team’s daily interactions.

Spotify uses a technology solution to gamify its measurement of performance. They wanted to make the mundane chore of employee performance reviews not only exciting and engaging, but productive, as in raising performance levels. They used a product called Rypple, which uses gamification to create a social network platform that enables employee feedback in real time.

When a Spotify team member hits a goal, the entire company can see it along with the virtual “badge” and high-five from the manager. This recognition then produces in-house conversation feeds from colleagues and other managers.

“Everyone at Spotify–every individual, every team, every department–has a quarterly target,” said Johan Persson, Spotify’s organizational development manager. “These [targets] are published and shared within the company, so everyone can find, browse, explore, understand what’s going on, feel connected to what’s happening and reach out if they find something interesting.”

At Spotify, when targets are hit or missed, everyone knows. Rather than waiting until the end of the year, employees know where they stand every day.

By Lee ColanCo-founder, the L Group

Source: How Spotify Keeps Score to Track Manager Performance

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