How To Mandate General Data Protection Regulation GDPR In WordPress

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Your site needs to be GDPR compliant starting May 25, or you may be subject to fines and litigation. Compliance is easier with the best GDPR toolkit for WordPress. Get yours now. This is the most comprehensive GDPR plugin for your WordPress blog. Check it out and find out how it can make you better compliant.

Imagine how much more money you can make thanks to the enhanced trust and the traffic that you will get from EU and even in your home-grown market just because you will be considered more professional than all your competition.You needn’t go crazy about compliance if basic compliance is all you want. Just set it up and you will have met the following prime requirements of GDPR

– Cookie consent and management
– Terms and Conditions policy
– Privacy Policy
– Right to be forgotten requirement
– Data access requirement
– Data breach notification requirement
– Data rectification system requirement


The worst (or best if you’re an end-user) is that it pins liability on businesses of all sizes. Not just giants like Facebook and Google, but really small players like me and you too. There’s no escaping GDPR, we HAVE to confirm. There’s NO OPTION. Not if you want to stay in business.

Everybody has to take the journey to GDPR compliance, no matter how small you are, no matter how difficult it is, and no matter how much effort it takes. If you’re running a business that’s online, you’ll need to be GDPR compliant.

Here is your compliance plan:

  • Study reams of documents to understand what’s required and sign on board an expensive lawyer just to make sure
  • Design processes, systems and workflows to adhere to the compliance requirements
  • Hire a top coder to create the systems and programming necessary to implement the compliance measures on to your site
  • Work with your experts on a continuous basis to make sure you’re actually legally covered and to do the actions required for GDPR compliance


If you’re doing any of the following.

  • Running a blog on WordPress with content on absolutely any topic.
  • Running your corporate site on WordPress blog with content pages.
  • Grabbing leads from your WordPress sites using any plugin or tool.
  • Accepting comments and messages on your WordPress site.
  • Running a basic E-com store on WordPress that’s using standard WP features.

Then WP GDPR Fix can really help you get compliant faster by filling in the bits that require the most amount of computation and coding work. It’ll create the sections for you that will be very expensive and time consuming to re-create if you hired a team.



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