How To Turn Any Profitable Traffic-Getting Pages Into Videos By ClipsReel

KFC, Coke, Facebook, and others are all playing the video marketing game and building huge audiences with millions of views in exposure. And that’s just a few examples out of thousands!

It’s crazy how many people are powering their affiliate sales, digital sales, ecom, Shopify, Amazon, YouTube channels (and more) and making full-time incomes, six-figure incomes, and even seven-figure incomes!

And when you dig a little deeper, you’ll find these people possess no special skills. They just use “video” to capitalize on opportunities in their niches. And you can do the same too!

Video is poised to be the #1 form of traffic by 2022. (according to Cisco) And honestly, with the pandemic and lockdowns still looming…we’re actually ahead of schedule.

With people watching tons of videos more than ever, you simply can’t afford to ignore this trend and expect to succeed in the near or long-term future. So now is the time to start focusing on video in your marketing above everything else. Because your competition already is…

Specifically, the solution had to be able to:

  • Work fast and be able to create videos in minutes instead of hours.
  • Have a seamless workflow and give total control over the entire video creation process from A to Z.
  • Take content from just about any source with a URL, product description page, or copy-pasted text.
  • Be easy to use, even for non-techie beginners.
  • Have everything necessary (images, graphics, music, etc.) to make a stunning video without juggling between multiple apps with monthly payments.

ClipsReel comes ready with a fantastic selection of high-quality images for every project. Easily search and find the perfect graphics for your projects to spruce up any video you create. Not to mention, you’ll literally save tens of thousands of dollars by not having to purchase these images separately on high priced stock image sites.

With ClipsReel, you can leverage the ENTIRE internet’s content and quickly turn it into a video that gets you traffic, leads, and sales. Nothing helps close high-ticket sales like video does. By using ClipsReel, you can turn existing content videos that create connection and engagement while funneling your prospects to the finish line with a credit card in hand.

Use ClipsReel to educate your market and show your expertise regardless of what services you offer. By having these videos in your arsenal, you’ll find it a lot simpler to generate leads that turn into high ticket recurring revenue for your agency.

Source: ClipsReel | Turn Websites into Videos

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