How To Turns Any Video Or Any Recording Into A Just-In-Time Webinar By AutoWebinar X


Create separate lists of all your leads. Divide them into categories and laser target them as per your offers. This gives you full-control of who gets the invite to be on the webinar. You can even import your list in a csv format and segment it in AutoWebinarX as per your requirement.

We have combined stunning design and simplicity to create this highly sophisticated platform.Thee moment you login, you can clearly identify the different options…right from creating a new webinar to reviewing and editing your previous ones.

If you are camera shy…no worries. Simply use a pre-recorded video and make it look like a LIVE webinar. When your audience watch the video that you have uploaded, they will not have access to any controls like fast-forwarding or pausing the video.

With the Just-In-Time technology, you can run the same webinar over and over again. Every time your visitor comes to your webinar page – the webinar is about to start in 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes.

This helps you increase show-up rate to up to 70-80% and allows you to pitch your offer to the visitors when they are most likely to take action. Now combine the immense power of Facebook and direct online selling by running webinars with AutoWebinarX on your Facebook fan page for your list.

Your visitors don’t have to even leave Facebook to attend your webinar. This results in an increased show-up as well as attendee retention rate. Do a regular webinar Q-n-A Session without being there at all. Just like during any LIVE webinar, you can engage with your audience without hosting the webinar in real time.

In fact, because you won’t be actually hosting the webinar at that time, it would be far easier for you to focus on any queries your customers may have.

There Are Just 4 Simple Steps Between You And Your Next BIG Webinar That Will Bring You Insane Amounts Of Profits

Step 1:

Login to the dashboard and start creating a new webinar. Just fill in the title, the name of the host and the description

Step 2:

Next you need to choose the list. From a dropdown menu choose which list is this webinar best suited for

Step 3:

Choose the time, date, duration of your webinar. You can decide to run it as an Evergreen webinar or specify the time intervals if you want to run it as a Just-In-Time Webinar

Step 4:

Finish it off by including panellists from your team and excluding any particular subscriber lists you may like

Tap into webinars and the huge income potential they have to offer…and all of it without having to be held hostage by expensive webinar services or bug laden crappy apps.

Use AutoWebinarX to give live walkthroughs and demo of your product addressing users concerns and queries live (without even you being in front of your computer) and make the most from every visitor that lands on your site.

Invite your readers to give them great free content and position yourself as an authority in your market and niche…all the while expanding your list by making them sign-up for your next BIG webinar.




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