ICC Keyworkz Standard



Do You…
  • • Keep slamming into a brick wall trying to build your WordPress sites and Silos manually?

  • • Struggle to get enough organic traffic to your website?
  • • Waste hours roaming the Internet to find relevant content for your niche?
  • • Rely on nothing but Google Keyword Planner for your keyword ideas?
  • • Try (and fail) to come up with enough relevant long tail keywords to achieve real success online?


Keywords are an important part of planning and building any online strategy, whether it’s for your blog or website, or an ad campaign or social strategy.

And the Keyword game has gotten an increasing number of difficult since Google has turned off much of the data they used to share. Well Hugh over at Web Dimensions has built a new keyword tool that you’re going to love – It’s called ICC Keyworkz Software, and you won’t believe what this thing does

ICC Keyworkz Software is an Adobe Air software (PC and Mac) which hunts and finds the best keywords, then lets you put them together like building blocks and assemble them into working websites at the push of a button.

If you’re interested in building websites and blogs to attract traffic in your niches, or bringing more traffic to your current website or blog, then you need to think about ICC Keyworkz Software.






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