With IFTTT 2.0 you’ll be able to spend less time working on you and your client’s SEO while reaping the benefits of safe and long lasting backlink strategies that work while you sleep.

IFTTT 2.0 is a 6 module comprehensive training course. You will learn how to create IFTTT Networks that will help you dominate search results.

Not only will you see how IFTTT Networks can automate your SEO needs, but you’ll get access to precise, step by step, video and written training that will let you (or a VA!) build these networks fast.


Other training in the online marketing world is “incomplete” or “close to complete” – but our meticulous training program has complete screen recordings of EVERY step and is updated when changes occur – you won’t be left trying to figure it out on your own.

Increased Your Lead Generation – Having more content, more powerful sites, and “being everywhere” means YOU will get more leads, Saves You Time And Money – Set up once and it works while you sleep.

Increases Your Traffic – Get targeted traffic from many locations via IFTTT Networks

Content Syndication Works – “Being Everywhere” is a necessity in today’s online world.





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