Instant list Empire

Guido Nussbaum has just started the Instant List Empire.This new website helps you to get more traffic to your websites and it will make it possible for you to build up your own list on autopilot!

Through our internal Viral Mailer you can send out emails to your Downline and to a certain number of extra members depending on your membership level. Also your mailing frequency depends on what type of member level you are at. Solo E-Mails go out to all members of the site. You can book these Solo E-Mails in our Advertising area.

The Gift Spots just like you find them in Giveaway Events… with the difference that the gifts stay in here for years to come. This way you can build up your own list on autopilot… setup your gift once and new members will signup to your own list through this gift.

Banner Ads rotate only on the Instant List Empire website. This way you get high quality traffic and not useless impressions as on some other sites. Text Link Ads rotate on the Instant List Empire website and in the emails that members send out through the internal mailer.

Through the Downline Builder you can build up your downlines in various programs. Make sure you use it because you can even earn commissions in most of these programs.





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