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Owner Chris Osborne has many years of experience with traffic exchanges and viral mailers and, using years of customer feedback has designed Instant Mailz to provide the best service possible for both advertiser and surfer.Below are some of the common issues that have been addressed at Instant Mailz. There are more but these are the common ones:Members do not like to wait to send mails. No longer a problem as you have instant mailing when you login.Members do not like waiting to send another mail. No problem as you send as soon as, and as often as you wish. Sometimes members want to send mails at a certain time.No problem as we have a timer to schedule mails if you wish. Members do not want to search for mails in a crowded inbox. No problem as all your mails are also stored onside for you. Members do not like to see credits wasted on unread mails.No problem as members get refunded for unused credits.Members want fast timers when they read mails for credits. No problem as members have timers between 3 and 7 seconds.Combine all this with Jackpots, Viral Traffic Games and Zubee and you have a mailer that surpasses all that members want or need. So, all you need to do is signup and join the fun.




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