Instant PR Pro

Instant PR Pro

Top marketers, companies and consultants worldwide understand the power that well-written, newsworthy and timely Press Releases can bring to their marketing efforts. Here are a few of the many reasons why adding press releases to your marketing arsenal will pay massive dividends:PR Sites Can Connect You Instantly To Sites Like Google News, CNN, and the WSJ…And Get You In Front Of Your Desired Audience, Press Releases Act As a Third-Party Validation Of Your Company And Brand, And Help Establish You As A Trusted, Reliable Entity, Press Releases Contain Links To Your Site And Serve To Pass On Quality Page Rank While Boosting Targeted Site Visitors, Press Releases Gain Traction And Syndication, And Give You Huge Potential For Traffic Spikes To Your Website.Marketers believe that press releases can be instrumental in bringing extreme focus to their websites and offers.Even though your press releases will be consumed–and acted upon–by audiences other than reports, it is best practice to follow the Associated Press style of journalistic writing. Most people don’t know this style, and frankly, who wants to master it? It takes a seasoned professional writer–or Instant PR Pro–to nail the desired style that reporters want to see when considering republishing a press release to their authority site.Given that it requires a professional, or–you guessed it, Instant PR Pro–to create well-crafted press releases, marketers and companies on small budgets tend to miss out on this powerful, viral and ultimately free publicity.


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