Instant Video Revolution


Using this amazing app you can easily create incredible video’s in minutes. Simply start by creating a Blank PowerPoint presentation, Easily insert entire template collections or individual slides from templates into your presentation in seconds by importing them and finally you can begin to customize them to your liking including modifying the text, positioning, animations and more.

You have all the power of PowerPoints tools at your disposal to customize the templates to your liking. This means you can customize the positioning of elements, change their color scheme, add or remove elements, change the timing and effects of animations and a whole lot more to have it looking exactly the way you want it

You can use these templates to create videos for a number of purposes including creating explainer videos, sales page videos, presentations and more! The possibilities are endless with such a wide variety of templates.

You can use these templates for commercial purposes such as creating videos for other businesses. There is no restriction on this, you can create as many projects and charge as much as you like. You may not however provide the template source file or resell any of the template files in any way.


Why do you need a video

Having a Video on a Landing Page can Boost Conversions by 80% and 64% of Consumers are more Likely to Buy a Product after Watching a Video. Look at the Business Concepts in PowerPoint slide samples below:


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