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It is the first tool in the market that created unique, exclusively eye-catching Stories for your advertising campaigns or for feeding extraordinary story content for your Instagram brand.

It also allowed you to upload the custom generated stories from the cloud-based app directly to Instagram. Our InstaStories 1.0 customers can now simply pick a fully-customizable template…add their own images, videos, text, brand messaging, sound – or use the ones already provided…

Send their videos live and simply sit back and watch the number of clicks, likes and shares skyrocket instantly. InstaStorie’s super-fast system gave them the ability to preview their videos in real time, without any delays.

And with NO LIMITS on the number of videos they could make and UNLIMITED renders…InstaStories customers had nothing to stop them from tapping in the massive traffic and seeing exponential growth in sales and revenue.

To help our customers make even more money – we decided that we should allow them to sell these videos. We know that there’s a HUGE market for such videos and our customers could make a lot of money if they were given a license to sell these videos…

So, we created more templates (2x the previous offer) and added the Commercial License to the software, improved its speed and made it look even more sleeker… And just when we were planning to roll-out the 2nd version of InstaStories…Instagram Founder Kevin Systrom announced the launch of IGTV. This was on 20th June 2018.

Simply choose your template from our range of 60+ brand new professionally-designed, mobile-optimized templates. With multiple genres from food, to fitness to real estate covered, you’re sure to find a template that is ideal for your business.

Add or remove any elements with just a click of a button. Each template comes pre-loaded with attention-grabbing music to create lasting brand impact. However, you can replace it with your own soundtrack in seconds. Add your own text, images, branding and/or sound to transform your chosen template into your own stunning video.

Upload directly to Instagram in seconds for instant results, or chose to download to your computer for later use. Either way, you now have your own unique video content with the potential to reach millions in minutes.

And just for the first 100 new customers, we are offering the Agency License at no extra cost. With the Agency License you can now start selling the stunning videos that you will create using InstaStories 2.0 for whatever price you want and keep all the profits.

And in case you’re wondering what kind of money you could charge for such videos…let me help you a little there too…You would be creating better videos than anyone out there and you would be doing it in just a few minutes. With UNLIMITED videos and UNLIMITED renders…there is absolutely NO LIMIT to the profits that you can make.

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