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If you want to take advantage of video marketing without actually creating your own videos…and you want to be able to build a list and boost sales by using other people’s videos, then Intelli Player is a software that claims to help you achieve that. But does it actually live up to the hype? Let’s take a quick look at this tool to see if it can deliver on its promises. Intelli Player is able to let you create buttons so people can email you…in addition to letting you add Opt in forms inside the video that are also mobile friendly. You’re not just going to have to use whatever buttons they have set up already, either. There are also buttons that you can set up to go wherever you want. Would you like to show people a facts page about the products? You can do so by creating a button that links to your page with that information on it. Are you going to try and build up a mailing list or gather phone numbers to text people marketing messages. A great feature of Intelli Player the ability to add a clickable call to action on most video types. The videos that you can find on Amazon S3 Video, YouTube, or Vimeo can be used with this feature and that makes it very versatile. Many marketers don’t know that the embed codes that YouTube or other site provide don’t really do much more than include whatever is in the standard video. It may just have an ad from YouTube and the video, so by using Intelli Player you can make your videos do much more.







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