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Online marketers are all looking for the same thing. More connections.Connections to your downline,Connections to your website or page,Connections to your social networks and Connections to your list.Since 2011 Internet traffic 247 Also Known as IT or IT 247 has done traffic exchanges in our own way.Traffic exchanges are a great way to get eyes on your ads. Centered in the online marketing niche, Traffic exchanges like internet traffic 247 are a great part to a well-rounded advertising campaign. Traffic exchanges have an endless supply of internet marketing minded individuals looking at ads. Many people looking to find a new way or add on to their online income, pass through traffic exchanges everyday. Search engines and Pay-per-click campaigns are great and often very pricy. Traffic exchanges are a fantastic way to get an idea of how a banner ad, Text ads, or a splash/ Landing page will perform. Often without having to spend any money. So you know which banners text and pages will convert better when you are ready to buy an ad campaign.IT is a social mix of Traffic Exchange, Social and list building I know you are going to like it cause IT is all About you. IT builds your downline and your social network at the same time showing your sites!



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