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The Philosophy of JOLLOW is very interesting perhaps for you as a professional of beginner might be so strange but it works for dynamic traffic and increasing sales.its all about CHALLENGE.s a website visitor or member, you could be getting value back by reading blogs, subscribing to newsletters, joining membership sites, and more. And by participating in Challenges at Jollow, we’ll share those opportunities with you. It’s time to get started These Challenges are really cool, and the concept is quite unique, so I wanted to share.If you spend time on the web, bouncing around websites…you won’t want to miss this. Basically, you take a Challenge, perform the required activities, and get something of value in return!And, you the possibilities seem pretty endless.Plain and simple, grab an account and take a look for yourself, then let me know what you think!It only takes a couple minutes. I’ve joined up with Jollow to integrate my websites,and I’m pretty pumped about it!Now I’ll be able to give back to my engaged audience very easily, tracking their performance, giving value directly to them individually.Own a website? Jump in! If you own a website, you can also join in on the fun,integrating with Jollow to boost activity, engagement,signups, sales, etc.. You do want that, right?What’s really cool about it is you can work with other website owners to cooperatively advertise one another in a fair manner…and it’s all in one place!Honestly, it just makes growing my website activity far easier and efficient.



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