JVZIPN Commission Revealer


JVZoo has just released a brand new feature and we are the first software to take advantage of it. This is HUGE for every affiliate marketer out there with a JVZoo account.JVZoo is now allowing affiliates to take advantage of their JVZIPN system that was previously only available to product vendors.

This means, with the right software (JVZIPN Commission Revealer) affiliates can now see all the information that is passed along at the time of each sale.What that means for you is that now you can finally see who is purchasing through your affiliate links. No more guessing. All the information is handed to you.

Super affiliates will instantly see how this is a game changer. If you’re new to the game, start capturing this information from day 1 (I wish this was available when I first started).This is valuable data that can be used throughout your marketing. You now have more information than you’ve ever had before.


The .csv file will give you the customers name, email address, the country where the transaction took place, the product, total amount of purchase, transaction number, and a whole lot more. You are getting the same information the actual product vendor is getting.

You get an unlimited personal use license. Use this plugin on all the domains you personally own. In reality, you only need to install this on one of your WordPress powered sites to view all of the transactions.

Yes, this was developed for WordPress. You need to install this plugin on ANY of your WordPress powered sites it doesn’t matter what the domain name is since you are the only person who will see the URL.


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