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If you think the top digital marketers got where they were by being lucky, working harder or being smarter … think again.Top marketers are making their profits by following proven systems. The kinds that increase commissions when they promote, and increase traffic when they sell their own products.

The internet playground is FULL of people wanting to sell you “their system”. Who should you listen to? Start with someone that’s making SERIOUS money. Filter down until you find someone that’s DOING what they’re teaching.

Finally, look to someone that’s playing both sides of the fence. Namely, a person that makes job replacing income as BOTH an affiliate AND as a product vendor (cause the “real” secret is the 2 go hand-in-hand).

The good news is I’ve done the digging for you. And found THE person for the job. In fact what he’s sharing is so good – that for the 1st time EVER, JVZoo has actually certified his specific training system.

Meaning JVZoo is putting its name and reputation on the line by endorsing this method. Yup, it’s that good. Tested and PROVEN for over 2 years. Works for affiliates, product vendors, beginners AND advanced marketers.

This membership-style program lets users proceed at their own pace, and benefit from regular monthly updates… but during this initial launch, they WON’T have to pay recurring fees.


Video training, downloadable training guides, plus my personal work processes and cheat sheets all included. This is the A-Z of online marketing, presented step by step.

The Academy will show YOUR subscribers the exact methods I’ve used to earn over 3 million dollars selling my own products.

Generate over 1.2 million dollars by promoting other people’s products… And pay out over a million dollars in affiliate commissions in the past 12 months alone.

Because this is the 1st EVER training endorsed by JVZoo, it’s going to get tremendous exposure. By getting on board early and being cookied-in, you’ll benefit DIRECTLY from all that exposure as we convert your subscribers FOR you.

Showing How to Make The Best Use Of JVZoo For Maximum Profit, Creating a sustainable, long term business from A-Z, Niche selection, product creation and how to maximize profits per launch,Picking winning offers and complete steps to craft powerful affiliate campaigns,

Designed to help users avoid distraction, keep focused and get results. Each day they’ll get a personalized plan with demo video and guide showing them the EXACT steps they need to take to stay on track.

This is like having a “butt-kicking” coach but without the pricetag.


JVZoo Academy’s paid premium training takes students through videos, transcripts, templates, how-to videos and other resources. The module about becoming a seller on the platform takes students from the brain storming stages, right through to launching the product on the platform.

A very important thing when it comes to creating any product in general is asking yourself “what does my customer want?”. If you know or have created a product already, you’ll know the information they want.

But the question is: how do they want it delivered? Will your ideal customer be willing to read a long ebook, or perhaps they want video training to guide them through? Or what about extra downloadable resources you can add in? Think through all these points, and choose a delivery method that will not only engage your customer, but make the information easy to retain.


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