Keyword SEO Plugin v2.0


It finds Monetizable keywords for you, turns them into links for you and Improves your rankings and gets visitors.With Keyword SEO Plugin you can Create thousands of Long tail keyword links in seconds, Get people clicking through your site instead of clicking away from it, Get much rankings because of a lower bounce rate,Make tons more money as people click on affiliate links, Steal the keywords of the highest ranking sites in your niche (These are the keywords they rank for highest for), Create amazing SILO structures for your SEO content (with just a few clicks!) more slaving away or needing to hire someone to do this. This software will do this automatically,Gives you the CONTROL over the link density and variation, Optimizes each and every part of the linking system within your site (s), Seamlessly cloak and TRACK your links to see which ones are working and which needs changing, Easy settings like No-follow and Do-follow for Search engine compliance and Expand Keywords into Long tail Keywords at an unlimited rate.



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