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Keywords Jeet is all about Humming Bird. Google’s biggest update ever. In fact it’s not an update, it’s a complete re-write of its search algorithm in which Page Rank is now just one of the 200 factors that decide ranking.The Keywords Jeet software is fast, it’s reliable and one of the few software in the market that can pull out thousands of 100% semantic and contextual keywords from Google at the press of a button. It also lets users navigate through semantic keywords and drill deep into any niche.Bundled along with the software is a unique guide and video course which reveal everything that matters about Humming Bird and how deeply it will impact search in the coming time. Keywords Jeet is a unique Keywords navigation and discovery tool that finds you relevant keywords for any market or niche. Keywords are the text that people type in Google to look for things, and when you target the right keywords you get more traffic.

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